150801: First of the Month


3 attempts to find a Max Distance Handstand Walk.


1) 15″ to a Snatch Max
2) 15″ to a CJ Max


3) 3 rounds:

3 Rope climbs
9 FS@60% (No rack)
30 Burpees

Crush Games Prep:

1) BBG, as Planned

2) For time:

Complete 60 Chest-to-bar pull-ups, tag-team style.

3) For time:

As a team, tag-team style, complete;

300 Double-unders
150 WBS
120 Burpees
60 Snatches (full) @63lbs
Run 400m (As a team)

Notes: Only one person working at a time. Strategize and apportion reps equally.

150731: The Strength Hour


1) Tabata Arch Rocks
2) Tabata Hollow Rocks
3) 3X8 Hips to rings



1) 10 minutes to find a Snatch 2RM from hang + 1 Snatch from floor, repeat max for three sets
2) 10 minutes to find a Hang CJ 2RM + 1 CJ, repeat max for three sets


2) BS: 1X5@65, 3X5@75

3A) FS: 4X5@65
3B) 4X5 Tempo Close-grip Bench 33×0

4A) 3X8 Weighted Pull-up
4B) 3X8 Good Mornings